Hugh Joyce, the gallery owner, opened Gallery Flux to showcase an ever-changing body of art in the historic town of Ashland, Virginia.

Since its opening late in 2011, Gallery Flux has showcased an ever-changing body of Fine Art in historic Ashland, Virginia. Located at 307B England Street, Gallery Flux presents art that excites patrons, artists, and art enthusiasts, that is ever-changing and always surprising: in flux. The original structure enhances the variety of fine art Gallery Flux has to offer with exposed beams, modern garage doors, and clean white walls. The collection of art includes paintings, modern and representational, sculptures in various mediums, pottery, jewelry, and mixed media works.

The vision and desire is that people will make the gallery and the town in general an art destination. Finally, the hope is that the gallery's retail model will be emulated by others to help bring exciting new retail economic vitality to the Ashland city center.

Gallery Owner: Hugh Joyce

For information about our handcrafted, sculptural daisies in front of the gallery and seen throughout Richmond, please email info@galleryflux.com or call 804-752-3540.