Linda Hollett-Bazouzi

Linda  Hollett-Bazouzi
Alla prima, au premier coup, all at once, first strike. Whatever you call it, my best work has always been about this—whether outside or in the studio, once I’ve completed my thought process, I work until the painting is done. Besides trying to capture the moment, the wind, the ripple, the sound and light, there is the physical factor that because of how I paint it is very difficult to go back and finish later. Touch up, yes; stop for a few days and come back, no. I use a painting knife almost exclusively, and that lays the paint onto the canvas very differently than a brush. Once the paint has begun to harden, I can’t push and pull the paint around, scratch and scrub, build and obliterate.I am drawn to areas that we see but don’t see. This leads to work being done in a series, expressing change over time, real or imagined, within myself or in the location.
Featured Piece
Linda  Hollett-Bazouzi Blue Ridge Mountains_ Clouds and Field

Blue Ridge Mountains, Clouds and Field
- Oil on Canvas
8 x 10 in
$ 400.00

Linda  Hollett-Bazouzi Ashland RR Sunset
Ashland RR Sunset
12 x 16 in
$ 600
Linda  Hollett-Bazouzi Falling Spring Falls II
Falling Spring Falls II
Oil on Canvas  
30 x 24 in
Linda  Hollett-Bazouzi Magra River on the Way to Lucca
Magra River on the Way to Lucca
Oil on Canvas  
24 x 30 in
Linda  Hollett-Bazouzi Sunny Crop_ Pactolus_ NC
Sunny Crop, Pactolus, NC
Oil on Canvas  
10 x 14 in
$ 500
Linda  Hollett-Bazouzi Tuscan Countryside_ October 3rd
Tuscan Countryside, October 3rd
Oil on Canvas  
24 x 30 in