Kathleen Walsh

Kathleen  Walsh
In our woods. Sometimes a rare music. Mary Oliver

Landscape is my guide, nature the muse. Painting outdoors awakens the senses; melds surprise, consideration and wonder. When considering a painting I wander down by the river, the Rappahannock, which meanders through our town, or out to the Springfield Farm, home of my friends, The Copleys. There, I listen. Silence is the great teacher. When a place draws me in, I make sketches, looking for composition, value patterns, light, point of focus. I take notes, scribbling studies and most importantly determining what I am painting before I paint it. During the winter months these plein air pieces are reworked into larger more complex studio paintings such as the paintings you see in this exhibit. It is a challenge to render the image in an expanded form, working to keep it fresh and alive, yet structured and balanced.
Featured Piece
Kathleen  Walsh First Light

First Light
- Oil
30 x 40 in
$ 2,600.00

Kathleen  Walsh Flowers on the Farm
Flowers on the Farm
Oil on Linen  
30 x 40 in
Kathleen  Walsh Africa _4
Madame Fatu and Daughters
Mixed Media on Linen  
48 x 24 in
Kathleen  Walsh Ode to a Pot
Ode to a Pot
Oil on Linen  
12 x 9 in
$ 500
Kathleen  Walsh Africa _1
Safane Road
Mixed Media on Linen  
48 x 29 in
Kathleen  Walsh The Potting Shed
The Potting Shed
Oil on Linen  
12 x 16 in
$ 625