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Jesi Pace-Berkeley

I am a colorist. I use big, bold, layered brushstrokes to focus on the process of laying transparent veiled layer upon layer as I use my entire body and soul in an effort to create. Without deliberate thought or intent, I seem to have the ability to feel what others are feeling... sometimes far more than I ever wanted. It is a stolen without real permission... When the works take the form of faces...or bodies...of persons in my life I try to convince my viewer to connect with the feelings or emotions I too am experiencing... Not unusually my own emotions can surprise me as I build each successive hue , one on top of another as I attack the paper in my attempt to capture the nuance of a color that eludes me... Time, space, energy, movement, intuition, impulse and gesture guide me as I create... In the realm of the contemporary I accept each resulting work as my truism for that given day I am only saying that which is of the moments...

Jesi  Pace-Berkeley Adam
72 x 45 in
Jesi  Pace-Berkeley Almost White
Almost White
50 x 45 in
Jesi  Pace-Berkeley Amanda
80 x 46 in
Jesi  Pace-Berkeley Angus
70 x 46 in
Jesi  Pace-Berkeley Backyard
48 x 45 in
Jesi  Pace-Berkeley Billy
74 x 46 in