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Joseph Burrough

Oil painting has always fascinated me from an early age. The rich colors, the depth of a three-dimensional reality on a two-dimensional canvas, the thick impasto strokes over thin oil washes, the feel of buttery paint at the end of a brush, the rich smell of linseed oil and the exotic fragrances of aromatic varnishes–all add to a full, sensory experience. I enjoy capturing the many moods of nature with a loosely-rendered realism, be it a peaceful, relaxing vista, or a fleeting, windswept moment. My goal, whether in the studio or out painting a “plein-air” on location, is to interpret what I see in a way that stops the viewers in their tracks and causes them to appreciate the beauty and majesty of the natural world in an inspiring new way.

Joseph  Burrough Field at Sundown
Field at Sundown
5 x 7 in
$ 350
Joseph  Burrough Meadow Farms Shutter Pull
Meadow Farms Shutter Pull
6 x 6 in
$ 350
Joseph  Burrough Red Barn in Virginia Mountains
Red Barn in Virginia Mountains
6 x 8 in
$ 400
Joseph  Burrough Sledding in Forest Hill Park
Sledding in Forest Hill Park
16 x 20 in
Joseph  Burrough Snow Laden Perch
Snow Laden Perch
14 x 11 in