Suzy Durband

Suzy  Durband
Originally from the hills of East Tennessee, Suzy grew up surrounded by color. While living as a military wife in Oklahoma and working as a full-time mother, she began dabbling in watercolor and rekindled her life-long passion for painting. She was then fortunate to move to Mount Pleasant, SC and found inspiration in the rich beauty of the low country. Inspired by the brilliant landscapes of Charleston, Suzy began her serious study of color. She switched to oil painting and developed her technique of using visible brush strokes to tell a unique story. She specializes in impressionist bold color oil paintings. Her emphasis on color is designed to provoke emotion and perhaps connect the viewer’s own memories to the canvas. After moving her family eleven times, and sending her kids away to college, Suzy dedicates all her time to painting. She now considers art to be more than a profession. It is a spiritual place she turns to every day....

Suzy  Durband Peonies
30 x 24 in