Dan Michael

Paint and Lumber_ Rainy morning - Dan  Michael

Paint and Lumber | Rainy Morning

Painting Pastel  
18 x 24 in

Framed under non-reflective museum quality glass. The painting is set under spacers in order to keep the glass raised. The stained wood frame is handmade with lovely cut details. Each frame is unique to the piece.

A rainy morning in the town my dad grew up in. We were there for my grandfathers funeral and I took some pictures before I left. These buildings represent the end of an eight hour drive from Michigan to West Virginia, which we did a lot when I was growing up… five more minutes and I could get out of the car and away from my bossy sister! The musty smell of oil and grease. The old yellow carnival poster, porcelain paint sign and faded advertisement painted on the brick building are all nostalgic to me.

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