C O N T E M P O | Virtual Tour
April 14, 2017


Gallery Flux Videos

'It All Comes Together' | Virtual Tour
August 16, 2017
_It All Comes Together_ _ Virtual Tour
Paintings by Matthew Scott Myers
'Colors of Home' | Virtual Tour
January 13, 2017
_Colors of Home_ _ Virtual Tour
Works by Dan Michael, Amy H R Donahue, David Camden
'Pathways to Awakening' | Virtual Tour
November 05, 2016
_Pathways to Awakening_ _ Virtual Tour
Works by Heidi Lewis Coleman, Stephanie Joyce, and Susan Newbold
'Splash!' | A Virtual Tour
August 17, 2016
_Splash!_ _ A Virtual Tour

Paul DiPasquale Public Art Talk
February 06, 2016
Paul DiPasquale Public Art Talk
Paul DiPasquale on Public Art at Gallery Flux in Ashland, VA on January 21, 2016.
Relaxing Gong Meditation
November 05, 2015
Relaxing Gong Meditation

h a r m o n y
November 01, 2015

Amy Donahue- Art Talk
August 07, 2014
Amy Donahue- artist talk

Dan Michael- Art Talk
August 07, 2014
Dan Michael- art talk

Gallery Flux is...
April 07, 2014
Gallery Flux is...